Employee Demographics: Our People - Our Greatest Strength

People around the world count on Idaho National Laboratory (INL) to provide next generation energy solutions, while protecting critical infrastructure. We’re able to meet these critical demands because our people are our greatest strength.

A crucial part of our talent mission is to provide access to opportunities for everyone. We do that by embedding inclusive diversity into the fabric of our culture. For us, inclusion and diversity is a key laboratory imperative that’s supported and sustained by our values and our mission. The Senior Leadership Team embraces and drives inclusive leadership by fostering a culture of inclusion through integrated technology solutions, diversity of thoughts, ideas, perspectives, talents and experiences. Everyone can bring their whole selves to work because they are valued as unique individuals. We are passionate about our efforts to remove any perceived barriers, and we are dedicated to building an environment where inclusive diversity fuels growth and drives innovation.

At INL, our inclusion priorities center around 3 elements:

  1. Ensuring we have the right talent to fulfill our Laboratory Objectives by strategically sourcing from leading institutions to acquire talented scientists, researchers and thought leaders
  2. Leveraging our People Strategy to develop next generation leaders by providing development opportunities, stretch assignments, and mentoring opportunities
  3. Fostering a Culture of Inclusion to embed inclusive diversity into every function of our mission driven laboratory

To further enable inclusivity, we share resources with our employees to help accelerate cultural change. For example, we provide sessions on communicating inclusively, leading diverse teams, influencing inclusion across the organization and unconscious bias workshops designed to move participants from rudimentary awareness to inclusive leadership action.

INL embraces inclusion as a journey. Therefore we invest directly into our People, and we keep them engaged by providing leadership, educational and outreach opportunities for everyone. We also have a number of leadership councils that focus on professional and personal development for employees. These groups provide additional connectivity to our laboratory mission. Thereby positively augmenting employee engagement. In the future, we’ll expand our efforts to include cross-functional mentoring.

As of October 1, 2023, the first day of the fiscal year, INL’s workforce consisted of 5952 employees; 9.01% are Veterans and 8.06% are People with Disabilities.

* All non-white individuals