We’re still hiring!
At INL your safety and welfare are our top priority. We’re particularly mindful of this during COVID. We’re still actively hiring, and are adapting our travel, visitor and hiring processes to COVID conditions.
In a challenging global work environment that changes on a day-to-day basis, we support remote work strategies maximizing employee well-being, collaboration, and productivity. For the most up-to-date info on what the lab is doing to protect against COVID, visit https://inl.gov/covid.


Idaho National Laboratory values your talent.

We are actively seeking applicants with military experience. Idaho National Laboratory has a long legacy of military hiring, and remains committed to our veterans. We salute your service.

At INL, we understand the value of the diversity of skills that comes with your unique experiences. We know that teamwork, strong leadership and dedication strengthen our laboratory’s ability to perform groundbreaking energy research.

“Our veterans play a vital role at Idaho National Laboratory,” said INL Director Mark Peters. “Soldiers are smart, disciplined, value teamwork and possess a strong sense of patriotism. Given the importance of INL’s clean energy and national security mission to our nation, veterans are an ideal fit.”

Continue to serve your nation in a whole new way, explore your opportunities at Idaho National Laboratory. As of fiscal year end, September 30, 2018, INL’s workforce consistent of 4417 employees, of which 9.35% are veterans.